(1925 – 2008) FTIgallery.com offers work from Robert Rauschenberg: Born in Port Arthur, Texas in 1925, Robert Rauschenberg discovered his aptitude for drawing and his interest in art, while in the U.S. Marines in 1947. He studied art in Paris for a year and returned to the US and eventually to New York. By 1958, at the time of his first solo exhibition at the Leo Castelli Gallery, his work had moved from abstract painting to drawings that cemented his place in art history. In 1998 The Guggenheim Museum put on its largest exhibition ever with four hundred works by Rauschenberg, showcasing the breadth and beauty of his work, and its influence over the second half of the century. Rauschenberg, an elite POP artist whose works are exhibited at FTIgallery.com. Philadelphia check us out.