FTIgallery.com encourages shoppers to view their wide online selection of Urban and Contemporary art. Auks One is an American artist from Southern California who now resides and practices in New York. Championing a “highly stylized” skill set of media and technical proficiency his influences are obvious as spanning a gamut of genres and eras. He aspires diligently to achieve the supple mastery of the excellence that is called creation.

FTIgallery.com offers works by renowned Contemporary Artist Kenji Nakayama who was born in Tomokomai on the island of Hokkaido, Japan in 1979. A mechanical engineer by education, Kenji made a significant life change in 2004 with a move to Boston, Massachusetts to study traditional sign painting and to dedicate his time and energy to art-making.
Kenji’s work has been exhibited widely across the US and abroad in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Kenji also works as a footwear designer during the day. He currently lives and works in Boston.